You have to be a hacker
to defend against one


Integrity is everything


No technology or tool,
on its own,
can survive a human attacker


Injustice anywhere is a threat
to justice everywhere.
Get the witness from the experts.

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Comprehensive digital security

Cyber Security

Cybercriminals are opportunists drawn to the vast amount, value, and variety of data accessible for exploitation. Cyber security is critical for defending networks, devices, programs, and data against attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

Managed Security Services

We offer managed security services such as External Threat Intelligence, Incident Response and Virtual CISO/ DPO and BCP/ DR consulting to allow organizations gain wider perspective to ensure and respond to security threats and readiness.

Risk & Compliance

Governance, risk management, and  three interconnected aspects that attempt to ensure an organization consistently achieves goals, manages uncertainty, and behaves with integrity. Compliance Management, Information System Audit and Assurance, IT Risk Management, and Data Protection & Privacy are among the services we provide.

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What do Rex do?

Our handpicked team of security experts work closely with clients to ensure their security posture is one step ahead of those with malicious intent. We offer a number of services:

Penetration Testing
IT Health Checks

Vulnerability Assessments
Virtual CISO

PCI-DSS Assessments
Cyber Essentials Plus

and more….

Why should you choose Rex?

Our entire business has been built from providing the maximum value possible on any engagement and building relationships with our clients. We are an extremely agile company who continue to grow and build based on feedback from our current partners.