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Aping a Cyberattack to ascertain Strengths and Weaknesses  

When reports of cyberattacks emerge almost daily, it's difficult to ignore hackers who strive to get into networks anywhere they can using constantly developing tools and techniques. It is critical to analyse your network security on a regular basis utilising their methodology in order to see things from their perspective. Rex's pen test interaction shows how your network might behave to various types of invasions. The results provide crucial information about your security posture and help you prioritise mitigation and corrective efforts.


We used a hybrid technique paired with OWASP, NIST, SANS methodology for penetration testing. This allows us to create bespoke test cases based on an application's business logic, which differs from application to application. We focus on providing complete end-to-end application security.

Types of Testing -

Black Box, often referred to as behavioral testing or external testing, is a form of software testing technique wherein no prior knowledge of the internal code structure, implementation specifics, or internal routes of an application is necessary. It focuses on the application's input and output and is entirely dependent on the specifications and requirements for the software.

Gray box testing, which combines black box and white box testing, is a software testing approach used to test an application while only having a general understanding of its core code. It searches for and identifies context-specific errors that the application's poor code structure has produced.

White Box testing examines a software's underlying structure, coding, and architecture in order to validate the input-output flow and improve the application's design, security, and utility. Testing of this kind is sometimes referred to as internal testing, clear box testing, open box testing, or glass box testing because testers can see the code.

What exactly do you get?

End-to-end Assessment

Uncover the major business 
logic vulnerabilities 
affecting your application
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Extensive Report

A comprehensive report including the 
vulnerabilities discovered during
 penetration testing.
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Executive Summary

A high-Level overview of web application security in the face of real time attackers
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Extended assistance

Extended Support Assistance from 
our team to resolve the issue and
ensure that such vulnerabilities do not reoccur.
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