Computer Forensic Expert Investigation and Examination

The Preservation, Recovery, Investigation and Reporting of Potential Evidence on a Computer

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Computer Forensic Experts

A Computer forensic expert is specially trained to be able to complete the acquisition, verification, examination and investigation of live and deleted data contained on computer storage media, including hard drives, USB memory sticks, memory cards and any other digital device in order to identify any evidence present and to produce that information often as part of legal proceedings.

The computer forensic examination and investigation process includes the preservation, interpretation and the documentation of digital based evidence without compromising or causing alteration to the information present. The investigation can focus upon any aspect required, however, it often concentrates on what happened on that device, when, how and, often, to provide evidence to indicate the identity of the user responsible. 

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How Can Our Computer Forensic Expert Team Assist?

Comprehensive Data Recovery and Examination

Our computer forensic expert team are able to conduct an examination of data present on a digital storage device for any data present, including documents, images, emails, messages, Internet browsing activity, often even after they have been deleted.

Specialized Tools to Obtain Crucial Hidden Information

The information gathered during a computer forensic examination is often not available to the normal user and can include material such as deleted files and fragments of data that require specialist tools to recover, obtain and investigate it.

Gathering Definitive Evidence for Legal Cases

Essentially, the computer forensic investigation process involves obtaining evidence that can be used to either prove or disprove a crime or breach of policy.

Clear Reporting and Testimony from Veteran Experts

Our experts are renowned for their comprehensive and clear reports coupled with robust testimony and many years of experience in the examination of digital evidence within criminal, family care and corporate cases and investigations for private or legally aided clients.

Previous Computer Forensic Investigation Examples

Our team are most frequently involved in the examination of digital evidence in cases involving

Indecent and Extreme Images
Family Care Proceedings
Data Theft
Intellectual Property Theft
Drug Offence
Grooming Offences
Internet Misuse in the Workplace 

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