e-Disclosure Services to law firms and corporate clients

Our team of digital forensic experts are able to acquire data stored on a device, including mobile phones, computers, servers and cloud based storage and extract that data and provide it to our clients within a secure online platform for review.

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eDisclosure Services –A Brief Overview

eDiscovery consists of the identification, collection and production of electronically stored emails, documents, databases, audio, video and image files, along with others, in response to a request for production in legal proceedings. Due to the amount of data and the types and the volatility of the devices upon which it can be stored, sometimes eDiscovery can become a complex process and should be handled in the correct manner to ensure that it is not altered or lost so that any results can be relied upon in court.

Any potentially relevant data identified during the eDiscovery process is collected and extracted. It is then indexed and placed into a data base that are then filtered based upon the case requirements and the potentially relevant data is then hosted in a secure environment and made accessible to reviewers who assess the documents for their relevance to the proceedings.

eDisclosure Services –How We Can Assist

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